Stock Trading – Become Pro with a few Tips and Tricks

Company Records: To help you build the first portfolio of shares without breaking the Bank, income offers a selection of eight values less than 10 euros.

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For a good start on the Stock Exchange, it may be interesting to take his first steps on the markets with a portfolio of values that the course does not exceed 10 euros. Thus, with 1,000 euros, you can quickly get started with ten lines of 100 euros each.

Of course, the best is to choose a broker on the Internet where there are no rights of custody, which proposes the PEA, and brokerage fees are not weighed down by a minimum charge per transaction for small orders.

To make this selection of values, we ran into the universe of the ACC All-Tradable index with the database of recommendations to the purchase of the drafting of the income by keeping only stocks whose prices are currently below 10 euros.

Here are eight titles that we recommend to buy. Caution, however, the majority of these actions, which have a speculative profile.


Two Dynamics

Biom’Up (code memo: BUP, profile: speculative). The MedTech has completed a capital increase of EUR 16 million and is about to finalize a loan of 25 to 35 million from the American Fund Athyrium. This money will allow him to market his surgical Hemostatic powder Hemoblast Bellows in Europe and the United States this summer.

NicOx (COX, speculative). The biotech specializing in ophthalmology has improved the terms of its license agreement (royalties, payment of steps) with Bausch + Lomb about his Vyzulta against glaucoma, which is sold to the United States since the end of 2017. Another product of Nicox, the Service, will be marketed across the Atlantic this fall, assuring him of royalties with his partner Eyevance.

The horizon emerges so for biotech. Its financial needs are covered until the end of 2019, and the launch of two clinical studies is expected this year.

Six speculative securities

AST group (ASP, dynamic). The excellent performance of the backlog of the Builder of single-family homes will fuel sales in the coming quarters. The potential of the title, which is trading less 12 times the expected net result in 2018, is not exhausted.

Europcar (EUCAR, speculative). The action of the rental vehicle provider skidded 8% 1St March after the publication of results 2017 yet consistent, or even above, the objectives of the leaders. The disappointment of the market focused on forecasts. For 2018, leaders anticipate an Ebitda between 350 and 355 million euros, while analysts expected 365 million.

Hopscotch Group SA (HOP, dynamics). The PR Agency founded in March 2010 was retained in our selection of actions for 2018. It is part of a group of values in flipping whose leaders are restructuring their production tool or reinvent their business model.

Abivax (ABV, speculative). The biotech presented at a Scientific Conference of promising results for its drug candidate ABX464 in the treatment of HIV. New clinical data (Phase IIb) are expected in the first half of 2018, then intermediate results in UC in the second half.

Quantel (QUA, speculative). The return of the title of the maker of lasers is maybe not done while Quantel acquired the company Keopsys, a promising operation that will boost its revenues and profitability. The action is to play only in a speculative context.

Showroomprive (RPS, speculative). The title of the trade specialist online little reacted to the publication of the annual accounts of the company. Despite sales growing by 21.4% to EUR 655 million, the gross operating surplus declined by 53.8 percent to 13.1 million. The Group has dug its net loss to EUR 5.2 million in 2017. However, admission to crossroads capital, in January, give a speculative interest in the action.

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