Hedge funds betting against stock prices of German banks

Several hedge funds have placed bets against Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank and Aareal Bank in recent days.

Several hedge funds have used betting against the shares of Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank and Aareal Bank during the current month. This emerges from the data of the Federal Gazette. Which made bettors quite excited for this, because it will sure benefit them. That said, you can hop over to PokerTrainingNetworkReview to check out their offers and if they have improved thanks to this stock drop. There you will find very solid deals on poker bonuses that you can use to advance yourself in the most thrilling poker tournaments on the internet.

All short positions, which 0.5 percent or more of all outstanding shares in a company, must be published in the Federal Gazette. In short positions, speculators borrow shares, which now sell them. Speculation is that the company’s stock price falls and the shares can be purchased up to the agreed date of return to the lender at a lower price. The investors then pocket the difference as profit.

The hedge fund Millennium International Management LP opened on Friday a bet on falling stock prices of the Deutsche Bank in the amount of 0.5% of the outstanding shares, according to data of the Federal Gazette . It was the first bet of the hedge fund, which has been published.

Also on Friday the hedge fund Black Rock built a short position by 0.77 percent at Aareal Bank on. It was the fourth time since Julythat Black Rock against the Aareal Bank bet.

On 23 August Bank had WorldQuant LLC sales of empty positions against the Aareal in volume from 0.8 percent of all outstanding shares built up. It was the fourth time since mid-August, that bet the company against the Bank.

AQR capital management, LLC speculated on 23 August to 1.79 percent of outstanding shares against the price of Commerzbank shares. Built in the past numerous positions against Commerzbank to AQR.

On August 22 old built mutual global investors (UK) limited a short position against the Aareal Bank in the volume of 0.61 percent of shares outstanding to.

AQR capital management bet on August 17 with 3.01 percent of the outstanding shares to Deutsche Bank. The Fund speculated for a long time on Deutsche Bank’s stock decline. On the same day GSA capital opened Partners LLP empty sales positions against the Aareal Bank amounting to 0.67 percent.

On August 15th bet Marshall Wace LLP amounting to 1.4 percent of the outstanding shares to Deutsche Bank. Marshall Wace bets for a long time against the Bank.

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