Our philosophy regarding saving money

Other assumptions that you need to consider are the following saving. Because when you copy or listen to anyone, so you need to know what the fundamental assumptions on which they based their reasoning on. I think that it is difficult to give objective advice, always talking from their own world of experience:

  • You can get rich, but you can (usually not quickly or easily)
  • purpose and structure over time makes more difference than (lucky) heroism
  • There are other things in life that are more fun than on a daily or a weekly basis following a share
  • It is deferred reward around to spare a little today to get more tomorrow
  • paint with the large brush strokes that give 80-90% of the effect
  • nothing comes for free, but if you want to something to get endeavor
  • There are no warranties anywhere (no, not even the deposit)

There are several assumptions regarding saving money like I do and have done, but you can read more about in the other articles. I really want to help you and others to a better economic situation. Ever since I was little, I’ve been told that you should lead by example. It’s something that I try to be, although I do not always succeed. I’ve been trying to get rich quick and I have failed miserably, basically every time I have tried to take short cuts. But just as I have failed and they have the experience also led me to many times have succeeded.

Today I and Caroline after 10 + years of intensive job, not a grown tree, but almost. That’s why this blog is largely a living document. Some things that I write on has endured the ravages of time and are good things, other things in the future i will be ashamed to go back to change. But you can rest assured that I will always be transparent with what I do.

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