France can no longer reduce State deficit

The French Government has abandoned its goal to reduce the financial deficit in the current year.

In France, the weakened economic growth thwarted plans for a reduction of the public deficit, reports AFP. This will persist after words of Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire in at 2.6 percent this year and may be less over the previous target. Also taking on debt of the State Railways will help SNCF, Le Maire said on Monday to journalists.

Originally, the budget gap in relation to the economic strength to 2.3 percent should fall. Last year, she had lain at 2.6 percent and was less fancy than the Government had expected. It was the first time that France made it back under the EU limit of 3 percent for a decade.

Economic growth will slow down 2018 to 2.0 percent according to the Government by 2.3 percent in the previous year. For 2019 she screwed up their forecast last back plus 1.7 1.9 percent.

France is under pressure from the EU and the International Monetary Fund, a detailed plan to work out how the public expenditure can be restricted. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe recently announced a maintaining of the pace of reform. Next, social spending in the visor should be taken accordingly.

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