Economy is the only area where you can get good results

I like it when things and actions are simple, gives great results and doesn’t take any more time. Then you can spend time on the things that are important in their lives, for example. family, children, friends, travel, and other fun things. The irony is that in principle all financial research indicates that the less you get involved in your savings after putting up a clever strategy – the better the return you will get. My absolute favorite quote in the private economy is:

Most of us have no ability to be as good as the average person in an activity that they have spent several years trying to work out themselves. But we can be as good as the average investor in the stock market without any training or you personal experience. Professor Jeremy Siegel

I love this quote because it sheds light on money as a unique area in life. Normally we always say that the results involved is the one who will be the winner. If I for example. will be an average tennis player, so it will require many years of training. But, money behave completely differently from all other areas of life. If I want to be an average saver, then I can be it directly – without training, without effort or experience. That is what this part of the blog is about. It then comes down to common sense, do not make things worse.

It can spontaneously let Sissy, boring or even bad to be an average saver. But i show in many results that most people who save their money would be much richer if they “just average”. Most under performing namely grossly over longer periods of time. The majority of savers (and fund managers) manage even underachieve against asset they invest in; you can read more about this in future articles. Here you can find more info about Our philosophy regarding saving money.

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